She did not look like visionary – one of several children born into a family of migrant workers in the south.  No one knew she could communicate with animals and see angels. She did not look extraordinary.  She carried extra pounds on her petite frame.  Most successful people have faced challenges and exhibited strength in overcoming obstacles. They develop a vision that transcends the circumstances of their life.

When her family moved to a new community in the American west, Victoria found herself in a schoolroom in which she felt so different from the others.  She was from a poor family and she stuttered.  But it was her weight that became her greatest challenge.  By the time she reached high school she was able to reduce her size during the school year because she was on the dance team and a cheerleader - but with the summer came the added pounds. After one summer she had gained 30 pounds.  Binging and purging became her routine. She found a diet of apples that helped her reduce.  Then she turned to starvation and laxatives – the indicators of anorexia. She faced diabetes, high blood pressure and depression. She had to break the cycle or she would surely meet her Maker prematurely. She was now 170 lbs.  For her body type, Victoria knew she had to lose 70 of those life-robbing pounds.

She had an innate sense of the body, mind and consciousness.  She researched diets and their components - protein, fats, carbohydrates and sugar.  Her condition called for drastic measures.   She knew she needed to re-program her mind, create a healthy, nutritional diet and develop a hardcore fitness routine including professional dance training.  Victoria is living proof that one can change the cycle of poverty thinking, poor health and negativity.  It is the belief system that requires the greatest effort.  A poor self-image is hard to overcome. Too many family members and “friends” convince us that we should accept the status quo because we are not capable of change. I learned many years ago that most of society consists of “sheep” and there are those who refuse to be lead by others and become the shepherds.  The transition from follower to leader requires a level of spirituality and belief in oneself.

Today, Victoria Johnson is a professional trainer, life coach and mentor to athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs, a celebrity dance fitness talent and teacher’s teacher - training personal trainers and fitness instructors.  She was a continuing Education Provider for ACE for over a decade.

Victoria was the first Fitness Athlete to be signed by Nike for an Athlete and Spokesmodel.  She has also been a spokes- model. Trainer, commercial talent for LA Gear, Adidas, Nutrasweet and infomercial companies. 

She has starred in and produced 24 dance and fitness videos.  Victoria is the star of the television show, “Victoria’s Body Shoppe,” that ran on Prime Sports Network which was purchased by ESPN.   And she has appeared on American Network TV on “Good Morning America,” “Regis and Kathy Lee,”  “Joan Rivers” and “CNN-Sonia Live.”  She travels internationally as a professional speaker, celebrity fitness expert and appears on television globally as a celebrity guest.  Internationally they call her the Dance/Fitness Rock Star

She is a published author, her most recent book is published by the Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishers titled; Body Revival, Lose Weight, Feel Great and Pump Up Your Faith.  Victoria has been a contributing writer to periodicals such as Elle, Shape, Vogue, Rolling Stone and USA Today.

Some would be content to achieve their goals and degree of wealth focusing on themselves and their achievements.  Victoria realized that she was called to a higher purpose.  Victoria’s vision is to awaken, inspire, motivate and empower others to take control of their lives. 

She consults, teaches, speaks and designs fitness programs for faith and consciousness based organizations internationally and is a regular presenter to professional organizations, programs and private institutions around the globe. 

She is a teacher of “Timeless Body - Infinite Mind and Total Wealth.”  Her philosophy is “We Have Been Gifted With Infinite Possibilities ”.

She is a professional speaker and motivator. She speaks at intimate professional meetings as well as conventions. She was the opening speak for Bob Proctor of the Secret and the Master of Personal Power, Tony Robbins, two of the highlights of her career.

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